Global Shipping

Easy Shipping from International Websites through Ultralap.

To buy products from international websites or trusted sources is not a big challenge but to reach & provide all these items safely on your door step is big really a big challenge because a lot different services providers involved in this complex international trading, where a lot of regulations are involved, Govt. policies may also effect on it and all the environmental conditions may effect on it. Another, big risk factor of fraudulent factor, which we face all times. For general customer it’s more dangerous. Ultralap is taking you more ease from all these challenges and minimizing your risks, we’re here to provide you all these services at your door step. Ultralap, is the name of your trust and your own local web portal also presence in local market. Ultralap is the first Pakistani import shipping service that to provide you with all the shipping you need, which are really a very much suitable to all of you! Taking care of all your needs and more, Ultralap promises to deliver every single time.


Q: What is the process to import my desired product?

A: Customers may get in contact with us by sending an email at or through sending all the details on our WhatsApp number which is 03xx-xxxxxxx. We just need the link to the product you want to import from the international website. It will take 24 to 48 hours to check the feasibility and charges which will be conveyed to the customer on the same medium.

Note: Customer’s contact details should be mentioned with the link to the product.

Q: How long till the item I have ordered will make its way to my doorstep?

A: The particular item ordered will take a minimum of 3-4 weeks to be imported and sent to your doorstep. This takes places after we have received your item from the international websites and only then will the shipping take place in your city.

Q: I have ordered a particularly large item in comparison to the regular sized ones. Will it be easily delivered to me?

A: In routine, large items are not seen as somethings that are feasible and easy to import and since we use services like DHL and FedEx, only small items are seen as easily deliverable. For instance, Items like a TV, large printers, generator and home theatres are not viewed as heavy but the additional dimensional weight makes it extremely worrisome to move in case of damages.

Q: From which countries are currently providing the shipping on items across the world?

A: We are providing shipment from USA and UAE because they’re the easiest countries to work with and have expandable tariff systems.

Q: When we are talking about the advance/shipping fee for the delivery, how much should I expect to pay? Is there any specific tabular/statistically format having mentioned the prices of each item and advances payment of the said item?

A: As a company, we pay 100% in advance to our foreign supplier. Since we pay upfront, we require from our customers to do the same and oblige to the company policy of making payments on the decided date.

Q: Is there any damages policy or insurance covering against the purchased items or either, I’ll be liable to pay?

A: It’s our Company import policy that all the items should be safe , it will be in proper packing and all the items may be covered in company’s insurance policy and in case of any damages dealt by the company, everything will be taken care of. If any of the packages are lost, it will be reordered, free of charge and deliver it to the customer.

Q: Are there any hidden or side costs that the customers are not notified about when ordering since some companies charge you extra when they deliver.

A: Our Company makes sure there are no any hidden charges or any type of cost because it’s against the professional ethics and norms that lead us our company like Ultralap. We will keep all of our customers updated regarding on the costs incurred during this process while placing the order, none of the charges will be told once the order has been placed.

Q: I want to pay my own shipping fee? Is that an option? Can I do that?

A: If a customer wants to pay their own shipping fee, then it decreases the amount of time of the delivery and the item will be delivered within a maximum of 1-2 weeks. The option is available to all customers but we provide them the disclaimer which mentions how expensive the shipping fee alone can get and that’s where we come in to help.

 Q: Can the item, I want to buy be brought directly to me or will I need a third party to help me with it?

A: If you want to acquire the item by yourself then, by all means, we will provide you with the address of the manufacturer or retailer and you can move forward and have it may be shipped and you see convenient. This is for the US only.

Q: If I have already ordered a certain item, is there any chance for a rebate to take place on the prices after I have ordered it?

A: Unfortunately, once the order has been entered and the payment has been made by you and transferred to us, a rebate cannot take place even if the prices of the product have suddenly witnessed a drop or an increase. Our efficient team of workers makes sure your order is processed on the day you place it so there is no delay. All our company policies are there to assist you and to make sure nothing goes haywire.

Q: In case my item suffers any damages and it delivered to me like that, who will be liable for it? Can it be changed?

A: In case of any damages, we make sure to check the item is in the same shape that it came and if something does happen, we will reorder the item for you, free of cost of course.

Q: What happens if the product I have ordered has a manufacturing fault present in it after it has been shipped after it has been delivered, if it’s a 110v or if it’s used or refurbished?

A: Ultralap does not take any responsibility for how the product operates as the customer is supposed to make sure they have read everything on how the product will look like and operate and what features it has. We are not responsible for it as we order from the link you provide us with, so please make sure you read the description properly before purchasing.

 Q: How is the warranty on the product mentioned?

A: Ultralap does not hold any responsibility for the product and the warranty for it. The customer is asked to directly communicate with the seller for its coverage region and process.

Q: How is the currency conversion applied?

A: We use forex open market rate + Rs. 1 per Dollar on every shipment.

Q: What are some of the most popular sites in the US with the easy shipment?

A: Amazon, Newegg, & eBay are currently the most popular websites in the US with the easy and reliable shipment.