About Us

The sponsor of the company have vast experience in field of IT & Telecom in providing of Solutions. The company management have past experience in IT & Telecom integration, projects, Network Security/Cyber Security, System designing, maintenance & operations, Data center Designing, Implementation & Operations.  

Increase in technology understanding its security, IT relevance and product accessibility are the major reasons with which Ultralap foundation was laid to introduce a ground breaking range of technology products and solutions to the companies in Pakistan. The Core objective of this project is to provide quality of products and services to our respective customers at local available from their own online store. We’ll provide emergent IT gadgets and other technological products in reach of our customer having local access. We entered into products marketing and distribution of innovative products that can help the citizen and organizations streamline business activities, which otherwise time consuming exercise.

  • Selection of right products, efficient design, & quality of services and its implementation.
  • Focus on emergent Technologies.
  • Customer caring and long term relationship with customers.
  • End to end turnkey solutions.
  • Focus on local & international growth through leveraging of resources.
  • Excellence in technology & key competence, development, training and sharing of knowledge.
  • Contribution of local communities

E-commerce Business in Pakistan is growing and trends towards shopping is increasing days by day. Pakistan’s ecommerce market was estimated to be Rs.30 million when the 3G service was launched, It has increased more than three folds since then and reached close to Rs.100 million now, say industry sources. Trends toward the online companies who are selling products online sees a huge growth from their online stores. Pakistan is now a Rs.1 Billion E-commerce market.

The buyer’s decision-making process has changed dramatically in recent years. Buyers are conducting extensive research online before ever speaking to a sales person. Buyers are also making more direct purchases online and via their smartphone, never stepping foot into traditional brick-and-mortar locations

With the recent development and new government who are making business more easy for its citizens, more and more brands are coming to Pakistan.

Internet of Things (IoT) technology will also make a big change the life style of human being and the world trends will shifting towards smart & digital automation systems where every device will interact/control through these smart devices. IoT market will reach USD 1,102 Billion by 2026. In 2019, it’s estimated there are 1.92 billion digital buyers, and ecommerce sales account for 14.1% of retail purchases worldwide. Since online shopping, in general, is growing so fast, the next statistic shouldn’t come as a surprise to you. In 2023, ecommerce retail purchases are expected to rise from 14.1% to 22 %. 82% of Pakistani urban consumers made online purchase in 2018: Nielsen. LAHORE: A report released by Nielsen “2018 Connected Commerce” has revealed 82% of consumers having access to the internet in urban areas have made an online purchase, up by 6% from 2017.

Ultralap is going to start a new venture at E-11/4, Islamabad, Pakistan. Their aim was to make technology available in our local market. The response that Ultralap received with their initiative was very overwhelming. Owing to the sales, it could be easily depicted that people were quite content with buying with Ultralap. They provided them the latest tech at the lowest price in Pakistan. It is one of the biggest online tech stores in Pakistan. We’ve just started this online journey but your responses and your this appreciation is our real pride / success. We’ll are very thankful to you people who stand with us, who appreciate us and motivate us in this critical time that why we’re here and you people make this online store as your own community store. Let’s find out what is it that they have for people to like them so much?

Online Store that sets all the facts right

Let us admit we all are very busy in our own routines tasks and do not have time to roam around shopping for the right gadget that suits our needs. Ultralap does half of our homework by listing down all the facts and figures, like the features and specifications of a product alongside a brief review so that we know what we can expect out of it. How responsively it will perform, how it looks from the outside, and what it carries in the inside. Ultralap answers all these questions regarding the products and delivers it right to your doorstep.

Offline store where you can visit and pick up your orders

The foundation of the company was laid with a clear mindset; provide ease to the customers. None of the online stores have an offline outlet in Pakistan, from where customers can visit or pick up their orders if they wish to. Which is why Ultralap introduced the concept of an offline outlet for an online store. Currently, the company has one outlet, which is located at House No. 269-F, street 16, NPF, E-11/4, Islamabad. Ultralap is planning on opening two more offline stores; one in Lahore and another in Karachi.

Lowest Prices (Online) in Pakistan Ultralap brings you brand new products with the seal of originality at an unbelievably low price than other online suppliers. To maintain affordability and reach out the masses is what they basically intend to strive for. Whatever the product; be it a tablet, DSLR Camera, laptop, smart watch, desktop, gaming console, or any other accessory, at Ultralap.com you will find it at the lowest prices online in Pakistan.

Keeping it Tech Survey with all types of Tech Gadgets

Ultralap deals in all things tech and not just laptops. It has the collection of all that you can think the Name any tech products you want and they will have it delivered to your doorstep. In case, the huge list of products they are offering is not enough and you do not find what you are looking for, you can always leave a Product Addition Request by leaving them a message, email or by placing a call at their customer support service.

The Seal of Originality

When you are ordering online there is a lot of deception going on. When you are ordering a gadget, it is not the color, print or material that matters, it is actually the processor, RAM, the specifications and the Seal of Originality that matters the most. What some e-stores show and claim is something else, while what they deliver is entirely different. Ultralap does not believe in making false claims, we only claim what the product offers and do our level best to make sure it reaches you safely with the seal of originality intact. To further assist, all of our products are under warranty with an option to add Ultralap local warranty.

Fastest Delivery 

Ordered a product online but it didn’t make it on time. Haven’t we all been through this? Ultralap makes sure the product reaches you within 2-3 working days. To keep the product safe, it is cushioned with safety packaging to prevent any sort of damage and delivered through a reliable source to make sure it is not mishandled in any way.

Customer Service

One of your core objective is to provide quality of services to our respective customer for the ease of client, customer support service is available to receive your feedbacks and answer your queries. Customers can easily reach them via emails, call, and online support or simply leave us a message.